• 12 Fun Wedding Signs for Your Ceremony and Reception

    12 Fun Wedding Signs for Your Ceremony and Reception

    Must-have signs for your wedding ceremony and reception.


Your big day should be nothing less than spectacular, and that includes decorations. From seating assignments to food tables, personalized décor embodies the bond you and your beloved share.

If you need a little inspiration, here are 12 wedding signs you should consider incorporating into your celebration. (Also, if you’re really into signs of the times, check out this story on wedding trends for 2016.)

  1. Why divide? United you’ll stand as your two worlds become one.

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  2. These rustic directionals help guests navigate the wedding festivities with ease.
  3. Some moments are better enjoyed in real time.

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  4. Embrace your mutual weirdness—and know just how perfect you are together.

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  5. Let the flower girl lead your grand entrance down the aisle with this cute announcement sign.

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  6. An elegant seating chart makes it easy-breezy for guests to find their tables.

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  7. Revel in becoming husband and wife by tying the knot—on your chairs, with these ornate plaques.
  8. Mirror, mirror, on the wall—reveal your personalized drink specials to all!

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  9. Direct your guests to sign your guest book so you can look back on fond wedding memories for years to come!
  10. Another little something for your guests to chew on at your cake table.

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  11. Love is brewing, and so is your guests’ energy at the coffee bar.

    Chalk 4 U
  12. And for any uninvited guests, here’s a request for wedding crashers—in short, you better be Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson.

    The Style Co.
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