• Buy ’em or DIY ’em: 15 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

    Buy ’em or DIY ’em: 15 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

    Inspiration for both types of brides.


It’s in the name—the centerpiece will be at the center of each table’s attention (if they can peel their eyes away from the beautiful bride). Which is what makes picking a picture-perfect centerpiece a crucial decorative detail for the wedding reception. Whether you’re more of a master crafter or a savvy shopper, these wedding centerpiece ideas will help transform your reception tables into something wonderful.

DIY ’em
These DIY ideas are perfect for creative brides with an artistic eye and a penchant for penny pinching.

  1. Use gold or silver spray paint to color old game pieces, figurines and other one-of-a-kind flea market finds.
  2. Put tea lights or bouquets of flowers in recycled tea tins or glass jars for old-fashioned charm.
  3. Let a seaside aesthetic wash over the setup with old jars filled with seashells and beach glass collected from weekend trips to Galveston and South Padre Island.
  4. Repurpose vintage children’s books by pasting in your love story.
  5. Visit a resale shop to buy a variety of pretty vintage teacups for floating tea lights.
  6. Use twine to bundle twigs and fresh herbs from your garden to create a rustic, farm-to-table feel.
  7. Soak old wine bottles, peel off the labels and then fill them with dried flowers, branches or a single rose.
  8. Embrace (and showcase) your love of books with stacks of vintage novels, candlesticks in classic holders and magnifying glasses.
  9. Infuse touches of Texas into your centerpiece with a display of old cowboy boots (perhaps lined and serving as vases), vintage belt buckles, horseshoes and longhorn and deer antlers.

Buy ’em
If you’re more inclined to appreciate beauty rather than pick up a pair of crafting scissors, there are plenty of buying options that can add distinctive style to your wedding centerpieces.

  1. If you prefer to buy vs. DIY but remain budget conscious, search on eBay, Wedding Recycle or Ruffled for pre-loved wedding centerpieces.
  2. Hire a local florist who can turn your inspiration board into reality so you won’t have to stress about the details.
  3. Visit a garden center to purchase pots and succulents for an organic greenhouse vibe.
  4. Find specialty or handmade items on Etsy, such as vintage table lanterns or rustic, reclaimed log candleholders.
  5. Check out your local Farmer’s Market and make a display with ripe fruit, like lemons, oranges, pomegranates, fresh tomatoes or gourds, which symbolize abundance and fertility.
  6. Or, see if you can make a deal with a seller while you’re at the market for bouquets of fresh or dried flowers, and simply go with whatever is in season on the big day.

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