• 4 Ways to Give Your Wedding Personality

    4 Ways to Give Your Wedding Personality

    Say “I do” to what makes you, you.


From old-timey and fanciful photo booths to choreographed flash mobs and all the day-of details in between, weddings have evolved from the cookie-cutter rituals of the past into one-of-a-kind affairs that showcase a couple’s essence. With pops of personality at every turn, the couple’s friends and family now partake in a daylong testament to what makes the pair unlike any other.

Here are some clever ways you can show off who you are, together, on your most special day.

Mix in your personality with a signature cocktail.

You’re a little sweet, your partner is a little spicy—sounds like the perfect recipe for a tasty cocktail! Showcase your personality with a signature drink that represents who you are as a twosome. Pay tribute to your love of nature with an herb infusion (think: thyme, lavender and basil) or make a statement with a flavor as bold as you are (say, ginger or jalapeño). Another way to mix in your personality (without the mixology) is featuring a beverage that links to your love story, e.g., those margaritas you drank on your first date or that microbrew you both consider a must-stock for your fridge.

Be the center of attention—and entertainment.

Slide shows? Photo booths? Flash mobs? Standup routines? Improv skits? The reception entertainment possibilities are virtually endless, and all are ripe for customization. Photo booths continue to be a hot, must-have feature, but it needn’t be formulaic. You can funk them up with props that are unique to you with beloved clothing, college paraphernalia or corny collectibles. And it doesn’t have to be all about the props—consider a backdrop featuring your honeymoon destination, your hometown skyline or the place you two first met. If music is your shared muse, nothing says “I’ll love you forever” like a choreographed flash mob to your favorite jam. Throw in personalized details here too, like shirts that are your partner’s favorite color, or cowboy hats in honor of your Lone Star sweetheart. Plus: All the surprised faces will make for a few truly chuckle-worthy wedding photos. Whatever you’re planning for reception kicks, think big and let your party persona shine through.

Say it with a sign.

Are you a stickler for rules or more of a free spirit? Cue your personality with decorative signs indicating day-of guidelines for your guests. Or maybe you’re ditching the seating chart in keeping with your laid-back attitude? Say it with a sign.

Two things couples might “sign up” for include device-free and device-full festivities. It’s trendy right now to host unplugged ceremonies, which would require a bit of signage and likely an announcement of some kind. If by contrast you believe sharing is caring, you may want to create some signs to relay your big-day handles and hashtags (and potentially include them in the program or on tables).

Put the devil (angel, cowgirl, bookworm, foodie, etc.) in the details.

Weave who you are into the details of the day. Sentimental sweetheart? Adorn the tables with photos and mementos from your and your partner’s youth. Or create a photo slideshow chronicling how you met and have grown as a couple. A traveling team? Label your wedding tables with your favorite destinations. Another opportunity to add a pop of personality is your wedding cake—or lack thereof. More couples are opting out of the traditional cake in favor of unique treats. Consider saying “I do” to wedding cookies, donuts, pies or another sweet that’s true to you.

Add a little paws-itive energy.

Including pets in your wedding? We give it a big paw up. Make your four-legged friend the guest of honor or assign them a special role in your wedding party. Doggy ring bearers tend to be big crowd pleasers! One Pennsylvania bride even opted for puppies in place of bridal bouquets. If your venue doesn’t allow pets, consider including your favorite fur ball in your engagement photos. You can also honor their role in your life by adding dog treats to your wedding favors for all the fellow pet parents.

Whether you’re sticking to tried and true traditions or kicking up the creativity, your wedding is an opportunity to celebrate all the things that make you and your sweetheart so uniquely you.

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