• Theme Weddings: This bike-themed wedding brims with love and whimsy

    Theme Weddings: This bike-themed wedding brims with love and whimsy

    A couple’s love for cycling and each other converge at their bike-themed wedding.


A ride off into the sunset doesn’t always involve horses – or horsepower. For Alli and Shawn, the preferred mode of transportation would be a bicycle. On their wedding day, the couple began the proverbial ride of their life (marriage) with a ride on a bicycle built for two.

And it all made perfect sense because Shawn and Alli first met while doing a bike ride for a good cause. Their love of cycling and each other converged officially in 2014 with a bike-themed wedding they planned in tandem.

The ceremony began with Shawn and his groomsmen making a grand entrance by riding their bicycles down the aisle. Soon after, the couple said their vows under an arbor fashioned from old rims, climbed onto a two-seater and rode over to their reception and into a shared life.

Among the many free-wheeling ideas featured during their wedding and reception: water bottles as gifts for guests, a bike basket card holder, bicycle-themed cookies, centerpieces and much more.


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Photography by Stick People Productions

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