• How to Have a Brunch Wedding

    How to Have a Brunch Wedding

    Serve up some mimosas and fancy waffles at your morning ceremony.


Weddings don’t always have to take place just before sunset, and receptions don’t need to involve a five-course dinner and a midnight snack. Late-morning ceremonies can be just as gorgeous, memorable and love-filled as their evening counterparts, and they include everyone’s favorite meal of the day: brunch! Brunch weddings open up a whole new world of options for couples—from whimsically fun and fanciful menu items to budget-friendlier services. So before you rule out hosting your ceremony before the clock strikes noon, take time to consider all the perks that come with a brunch reception.

Fancy Feast (And Not the One Designed for Felines)
First, there’s the food (duh). You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who turns up their nose at waffles, fresh fruit, frittatas and scones. Other tasty ideas to consider include: serving chicken and waffles as bite-sized hors d’oeuvres; energizing guests with a coffee bar complete with every kind of caffeinated customization; delighting your sister with the opportunity to build her ideal meal at the parfait bar; and serving up guests’ pick of sweet mimosas and Bellinis or savory Bloody Marys alongside all of the tasty treats—and maybe some pink lemonade.

Offbeat or Formal Affair
A brunch reception has no limits. If you want a casual affair with lots of funk, color and charm, you have plenty of wiggle room to celebrate your way with an earlier wedding. On the other hand, it can also be the perfect time for a more formal atmosphere, where you serve champagne and treat your guests to a three-course brunch rather than a breakfast bar. No matter which style best suits you, there are plenty of bright, sunrise-and-shine options for the daytime bride.

For guests attending a daytime wedding, rest assured that the attire is typically less formal than its evening counterpart. Opt for bright colors and festive accessories for a bit of flair, but don’t worry if your outfit is fairly casual—unless you’re hoping to rock a T-shirt and jeans, of course (not OK).

Save Dollars and Cents
Because a late morning or early afternoon celebration isn’t considered “prime time,” plenty of wedding services and venues have more availability in that time slot—and it’s cheaper, too. You just might enjoy discounted rates from your vendors if you get married in the a.m. versus throwing your shindig in the p.m., which is popular and consequently more costly. (SEE ALSO: Check out this piece on when and where to spend, splurge and save on wedding expenses.)

Flexible Mornings
If you and your beloved are planning your “I do” day on a tight schedule, evening weddings can be a bit of a rush given they are the preferred timeslot and others might be in line for the venue after you. One benefit to an early wedding is that you have more flexibility and freedom with the ceremony, reception and photo shoot. Because you have most of the day ahead of you, you can move at your own pace when it comes to taking your wedding photos, hanging out with your new spouse and thanking each and every single guest for coming. (In other words, consider this a way to help minimize wedding-day stress!)

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