• Love Found on Facebook Decades Later

    Love Found on Facebook Decades Later

    Two high school kids become grown-up sweethearts 35 years later.


I found a high school friend Anthony three decades later, or rather, he found me. In 2008, Anthony sent me a Facebook friend request. I accepted it, but didn’t pay much attention to him because I was going through a rough time in my marriage – my then husband, now ex-husband, had just left me for another woman, and we were heading for a divorce.

After that, I didn’t want to get involved in another relationship, and I didn’t really believe in true love anymore…But little did I know, that belief would eventually change.

Fast forward to 2012. I hadn’t had any contact with Anthony since he sent that Facebook friend request four years earlier. But when our high school created a Facebook page for our 35th class reunion, Anthony sent me a note saying, “Hey, Brici, what about the ones who are single – how will we go to the dance?” I responded with, “That’s easy! All of us who are single can rent a limousine and go together!”

And that’s where Anthony’s and my love story begins! I was still living in Puerto Rico at the time, and he was living in Houston. But the miles didn’t matter. We started communicating, and soon my heart was feeling the most wonderful feelings ever – yes, true love found on Facebook!

Long story short, I moved to Houston to be with Anthony in May 2014, and we are living out our happily ever after – thanks to God, and Facebook!

Brici, Houston, Texas

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