• Latch on to the Love-Lock Tradition

    Latch on to the Love-Lock Tradition

    Celebrating lasting love in Central Texas.


In a tradition spanning centuries and continents, lovebirds have affixed padlocks to fences, gates and bridges around the world. Sending keys flying over cliffs and into rivers, they committed themselves to a spot on a fence­—and to a spot in each other’s hearts.

Thought to originate in ancient China, the love-lock tradition reemerged about 100 years ago in World War I-era Serbia, where a cautionary tale of star-crossed lovers inspired young couples to write their names on padlocks and attach them to an iconic bridge, thus locking in their love.

In the last decade or so, the love-lock tradition has grown from its humble beginnings into a cultural phenomenon, sweeping people off their feet as a perfect, Instagram-worthy tradition. Whenever you place your love lock—be it on Germany’s Hohenzollern Bridge, Moscow’s Padlock Tree Park or anywhere else—you are joining thousands from the past, present and future in an international celebration of love. Best of all, you can also do this in the Lost Pines Region of the Lone Star State.

Since 2013, Spa Django and Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort have been inviting guests to lock in their moment in history at their Love Lock Fence, the first love-lock site in Texas. Couples and families may partake in this tradition on vacation or after a spa treatment, and sweethearts who say “I do” at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines have the option to build the ritual into their pre- or post-wedding festivities in the company of friends and family. But rather than throwing away the keys into a natural, earthy oblivion, participants place their keys in glass jars that are displayed throughout the Spa Django boutique.

Visitors can bring their own lock or purchase one at the spa for $10 to $12, with a portion of sales from these locks going to the Bastrop Family Crisis Center, a nonprofit that supports and serves local women who have been victims of domestic violence.

For the planners who prefer to bring their own locks, there are several online services that offer customized engraving, perfect for expressing one-of-a-kind sentiments in a lasting way. One such service, MakeLoveLocks.com, sells special-occasion padlocks that commemorate unforgettable vacations, special holidays and familial relationships.

Whenever you close your lock on the Love Lock Fence at Spa Django and Hyatt Regency Lost Pines, a moment in history becomes your own, behind the spa and beside the resort pond—and wherever you may roam, that lock will remain anchored, forever symbolic of affections shared in that space, at that time and in the deepest depths of your hearts.

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