• Love Stories: Finding Love Later in Life

    Love Stories: Finding Love Later in Life

    Reconnecting after years apart changed their lives forever.


As far as first impressions go, the one I made on Scott was far from elegant. The first time we saw each other in three decades, I had dried blood on my swollen nose and a black eye to go with it. But my ghastly state had a good reason behind it — and that reason was the sheer excitement I was feeling about starting a wonderful new chapter in my life.

Scott and I reconnected over Facebook in late September 2013. We had gone to high school together in Pennsylvania, but hadn’t talked since. Then Scott fell (back) into my life at the perfect time. I was finally letting go of a relationship, a long marriage and so much more, putting my past behind me and looking forward to the future.

Scott and I texted and messaged each other on Facebook for a few months, and finally decided to meet in person on Dec. 12, 2013. This is where the bloody nose and black eye came in: I was so nervous about meeting up with Scott that I ran into my garage door on my way to see him! Needless to say, he fell for me anyway – and I ended up falling for him, too, at the age of 48.

Because Scott was raw, honest and a gentleman, I knew he was the one, so I moved to Texas to be with him. We got married in Lake Georgetown on Dec. 12, 2014 – exactly one year after meeting up. Learning to live a truly happy life has been an incredible change.

– Laurie, McDade, Texas


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