• One Thing Remains

    One Thing Remains

    A love story about patience, persistence and prayer


Matt saw me, and he just knew. I don’t know how, and I don’t fully understand, but he saw me – and that’s all it took. He said I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and there was something special about me. Matt said he was also determined to treat me differently, and he knew he’d have to be patient, persistent and purposeful in how he pursued me. This was spring 2010.

It was not the same for me. I saw him, and I knew nothing. He had great hair, played electric guitar and that was it… At the time, I had my eye on someone else.

A year came and went, and in spring 2011 Matt and I became friends. I had no intention of it becoming more than that because I still had my eye on someone else. When Matt asked for more, I curtly said “no” without providing much of an explanation.

Heartbroken and confused, Matt turned to God, saying, “Lord, I was so sure this was the girl you had for me, why did she say, ‘no’?” God comforted him and told him to be patient. Matt’s anthem became: “Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me…” (A line from the song “One Thing Remains” by Jesus Culture.)

By the fall of 2011, I had dated and already broken up with that someone else. One thing I had learned from my time with that guy is that I owed Matt an apology. With a heavy and convicted heart, I wrote Matt a letter to say I was sorry for how I had treated him. I thanked him for pursuing a relationship with me with such respect and care, but I also told him I still saw no future for the two of us.

In spring 2012, I received a letter from Matt asking me why I wouldn’t give him a chance. Heartbroken and confused, I turned to God. I couldn’t imagine why this man would still want to be with me after I had broken his heart – I didn’t understand why he’d risk having his heart broken again. God comforted me, asked me to get to know him, to give him a chance and see where things might lead. My anthem became: “Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me…”

Matt and I officially began dating July 9, 2012, and I can say with certainty that he is the most patient, purposeful and persistent man I have ever met. He asked me to marry him on November 15, 2013, and I said yes – and today, I consider myself beyond blessed to be his wife. We were happily married on January 5, 2014. (Click here to read our story about how to plan a wedding in seven weeks!)

After we exchanged wedding vows, our first act of marriage was taking communion. Matt’s best man, along with our friends and family, sang, “One Thing Remains.” It is one of my favorite memories from our wedding – the two of us declaring together that God’s love never fails, it never gives up, and it will never run out on us…

– Kelley, The Woodlands, Texas

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