• Love Stories: A Romance Born on Facebook

    Love Stories: A Romance Born on Facebook

    For this couple, a friend request changed everything.


In the era of online dating, it isn’t surprising to hear about couples finding love in the digital realm. April met her husband, Jose, through a simple friend request, never thinking that less than a year later they’d end up happily married.

It all started with a few mutual Facebook friends. April saw Jose’s picture next to a comment on a friend’s timeline, thought he was cute and decided to send him a friend request. She thought he may have been in a relationship at the time, but he accepted her request and kept liking her Facebook posts—so much so that she made him an ambassador for the health products she sells. Things between them remained strictly business for a time, but everything changed when he messaged her and told her she was beautiful. The two continued messaging regularly and soon began talking on the phone, which continued for three months without them meeting in person. Finally, Jose asked April to get lunch to talk about health products, once again using business to get to her heart. During that lunch meeting, April was so comfortable she felt as if she’d known Jose forever. Their next get-together was all play and no work, with a trip to the zoo with their children. On that day, April knew Jose was the one for her.

Just one week after their wild date at the zoo, Jose asked April to marry him each week for a month. Though he persisted, April never answered—she was waiting for a proper proposal. Four months after their first real date at the zoo, Jose proposed to April on her birthday. They tied the knot just seven short weeks later on their six-month anniversary. A year later, April says she couldn’t be happier. “He makes me the happiest I’ve ever been and adores my children, and they adore him. Best decision I ever made, all because of Facebook.” How’s that for a modern-day (and mobile-friendly) love story?

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