• Love Will Find a Way

    Love Will Find a Way

    "Their love story dates back even further than we thought."
    – Haileigh, Dripping Springs, Texas


My brother Michael and his wife Michelle have known each other since childhood. But in high school, Michael was best friends with Michelle’s sister and “frenemies” with Michelle. The two of them were nice when they wanted to be, but mostly, they were at odds. In fact, Michael and his friends had nicknamed Michelle “Psycho.” With great fondness, he often recalls the time when he placed a dead opossum carcass in the toolbox of her truck on a blistering-hot Texas afternoon.

Fast-forward to early adulthood when Michael and Michelle finally realized the root of all the teasing and pranks was a good, old-fashioned mutual crush. Today, Michael and Michelle (whom he no longer calls “Psycho”) are happily married and parents to the adorable Rex and Ramsey. It’s especially fun to look back at their prom photo, as she somehow talked him into going with her. And, after they were married, our family found a photo of the two of them together when they were babies. Michelle was sitting in a bouncer, probably about 6 months old, and Michael was about 2, and he’s bending over to give her a kiss. It was likely the first time they met, courtesy of our aunts who were friends. Suffice it to say, their love story dates back even further than we thought.

– Haileigh, Dripping Springs, Texas

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