• More Than Just Friends

    More Than Just Friends

    Finding the love of your life in the cubicle next door


I first met Aaron when he started working with me in reservations for a Midwest resort in November 2004. My friend and roommate started working there at the same time, and she introduced the two of us. I didn’t think much about it then, but while I was training Aaron I started picking up on some of the cute and quirky things he did that made me smile. The more he and I worked together, the better friends we became, and soon we were having dance parties in our cubicles and constantly making jokes with one another. Despite the fact we were having so much fun, neither ideas of romance nor thoughts of us being more than just friends ever really crossed my mind – mainly because our friendship was so deep. I simply referred to him as my platonic soulmate.

Over time, our friendship progressed, and we eventually made plans to do something outside of work. One night, Aaron came over to my apartment to hang out with me and my roommate. She ended up going to bed early, but Aaron and I weren’t tired yet, so we stayed up to watch a movie. Somehow our lips locked, and it was the best kiss either of us had ever had. We didn’t plan it. It just sort of happened. And we both knew from that point on that what we had was more than friendship. That was January 2005. Aaron and I were married in May 2011, and we welcomed our son Linus into the world in February 2013. It’s been 10 years since we shared that first kiss, and I couldn’t be happier that my platonic soulmate became my romantic one. – Sara, Sun Prairie, Wis.

PS. A new study says you should marry your best friend, just as Sara and Aaron did. Read all about it here.

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