• Wedding Shoes: In Texas, cowboy boots and bling can carry the day

    Wedding Shoes: In Texas, cowboy boots and bling can carry the day

    In the Lost Pines Region, cowboy boots and bling can carry the day. Here, we chat with Texas Boot Company about boots made for walking...down the aisle.


Regardless of whether you can see them or not, wedding shoes are part and parcel of any bride and groom’s getup – and shall not be overlooked. In Texas, cowboy boots and bling can carry the day, which – along with the scent of leather – led us to Texas Boot Company in Bastrop. We sat down with owner and founder Marc Conselman to talk about boots that are made for walking…down the aisle.

Marc loves to help couples find the perfect pair for their wedding day. In fact, Marc opened this store with his own sweetheart, Shelly, with a dream to provide authentic and one of a kind styles, superb quality and comfortable fitting western wear at a fair price in 2010. Today the couple takes great pride in their employees, the city of Bastrop and the hospitality they offer their customers. After all, it’s Texas, y’all!

We chatted with Marc to learn more about boots for the bridal party as well as a few of his favorite ideas for Mr. and Mrs. We thought we’d share our Q&A session with you here. If you’d like to learn more about anything from boots for BBQ’s and tailgates, to styling a family or friends for your rehearsal dinner or your bachelor or bachelorette weekend, feel free to stop on by the boot shop. And, if the rumors are true, they’ll welcome you with a friendly smile and a cold drink!

Lost in Love Weddings: In terms of boot trends, what are you seeing right now that’s appropriate for the bride and groom? What about a classic look for the wedding party?
Marc: The boots that jump out to me as perfect wedding boots are the Swarovski collection of Old Gringo’s. We have several styles, and several price ranges from $649 all the way up to $1,995. The Swarovski crystals just shimmer and steal the day, which is what you want for a wedding boot. But you don’t have to go with crystal studded boots, lots of brides go with turquoise or cream-colored boots too, which are extremely popular.

Lost in Love Weddings: What are some of the ways you’ve seen brides and grooms incorporating boots into their wedding attire?
Marc: Around here, boots are a staple. You really have endless options for wear and decor, but we love seeing the photos of brides with their feet kicked up! Boots are such a beautiful statement for a true Texas wedding. I married a Georgia peach, and I served in the Army, so Shelly and I have friends from all over the country, and we’ve been to weddings in just about every region. It’s fun to see brides incorporate their region in the theme of their wedding. We went to a wedding in Memphis and they served candied bacon as an appetizer, and in the South, you get a lot of shrimp and grits. But here in Texas, boots are THE thing.

Lost in Love Weddings: Can you do fittings for an entire bridal party?
Marc: Absolutely! We love helping groups and sharing in the uniqueness of every bride’s dream wedding. In fact, for a group of four or more this spring, we’ll offer bridal parties a 10 percent discount. Just let us know you’re here for a wedding party when your group arrives.

Lost in Love Weddings: There are a lot of fun ideas on how to incorporate boots into a Texas-themed or outdoor wedding, what’s the best one you’ve seen?
Marc: We’ve seen it all, from vases to floral decorations, cake toppers, barn weddings, weddings with big name entertainers, you name it. My favorites are the photos that come from people with their boots, enjoying their big day. It’s cool when folks put their own stamp on something, like writing initials on the bottom of the boots with the date. There are already enough stressful things about the wedding—boots are supposed to take the edge off and add an element of Texas comfort to the big day. We like to make sure that choosing boots is fun. When we see brides worry about making the perfect choice, that’s generally when we ask them to take a seat, and we go make a margarita. My favorite photo was actually of a dear friend who got married recently (shown). Another favorite came in from the father of a groom who sent us a picture of his wife and himself dancing at a dude ranch wedding. To be honest, it’s just nice getting to know folks and sharing the joy of their big day.

Lost in Love Weddings: Do you have any stories to tell?
Marc: I don’t know that there’s one best story because they are all rewarding. It’s fun to work with couples picking out wedding boots because it’s such a special time for a them. One couple picked out custom-made boots for their wedding with the dates sewn and their initials displayed with inlaid leather on each boot. Custom boots take some time, and for couples who want to go that route we recommend starting the process three or more months out. Appointments aren’t necessary, but feel free to give the team a heads-up.

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