• These Boots Were Made for Walking…Down the Aisle

    These Boots Were Made for Walking…Down the Aisle

    The latest cowboy boot trends for brides.


Your wedding day is the chance for you to be the beautiful bride, but it’s also an opportunity for you to be you. And for Southern belles, one of the best ways to showcase your personality is with a good, old (or new) pair of cowboy boots. We talked with Marc Conselman, owner of Texas Boot Company, about what’s trending for brides this year.

Whimsical Embroidery
Popular this spring, these beautiful boots are a fanciful twist on the traditional western cowgirl look. There’s no denying that these kicks are downright fun and ideal for the playful bride.


Tooled Leather
Brides with a preference for the traditional will love one of the biggest trends of the year: hand-tooled leather cowboy boots. These modern classics are the result of a base boot inlaid with another type of leather, which creates their beautiful mosaic appearance.


Turquoise Variations
Turquoise has always been a popular boot color, but now brides are leaning toward different shades of the blue-green mineral often found in the southwestern United States. These boots are perfect for brides going for an urban cowgirl look.


Vintage Aesthetic
Can’t a girl be both? Simultaneously contemporary and classic, these “Pinup Cowgirl” boots reflect the trend of brides moving away from expensive crystals and bling toward a more retro aesthetic. You know, because no one thing defines her.


“Another trend we’re seeing is couples getting custom boots color-coordinated with the colors of their wedding,” Marc said. “Overall, men don’t stray too far from the traditional cowboy boot, but square-toed and snip-toed boots have become popular styles among grooms.”

A couple of Marc’s favorite brands available at the Texas Boot Company are Old Gringo and Lucchese.

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