• Three Wedding Day Must-Dos for the Mother of the Bride

    Three Wedding Day Must-Dos for the Mother of the Bride

    When the day finally arrives, time will fly – and the hustle and bustle of the festivities can cause some important things to go undone and unsaid. Here are three must-dos for every mother of the bride to remember on her daughter’s wedding day.


Planning a wedding keeps the bride and her family busy, and the big day is more of the same – so much so that the celebration can go by in the blink of an “I do.” Bearing that in mind, it’s important to pause to make heartfelt sentiments known, to be present and to ensure once-in-a-lifetime chances aren’t missed. Speaking from her own experience, wedding planner and floral designer Brenda Abbott offers this wedding day advice for every mother of the bride.

  1. During the hustle and bustle of wedding day, don’t forget to tell your daughter she’s beautiful. Of course she’ll know she is, and she’ll know that you believe she is, but telling her is huge.
  2. When you see her come down the aisle, the whole world will go silent. You won’t hear a thing or see anything else but her. So force yourself to open up your ears and listen to the music – because that music will be the soundtrack for that moment for years to come. You’ll need and want that audio, not the silence, to go with that visual of the memory.
  3. Dance with your son-in-law. Don’t bypass that opportunity.

What lessons did you learn and what advice do you have for the mother of the bride? We’d love to know! Send your tips our way!

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