• Top Wedding Trends for 2016

    Top Wedding Trends for 2016

    Bold, glamorous and personalized—what couples really want this year.


As we head into the busiest months for nuptials and faraway honeymoons, we’re taking a look at some of the biggest wedding trends for 2016. This year’s brides (and grooms!) have turned their ceremonies and receptions into upscale celebrations, ranging from Great Gatsby-inspired themes to rustic chic—as well as a few other wedding trends that will come as no surprise. (We’re looking at you, photo booths.)

Thumbtack, which touts itself as “the destination for getting things done,” compiled its list of the biggest trends in weddings this year in the Thumbtack 2016 Wedding Trends Report. We also looked at The Knot’s trend predictions and, based on what we’ve also seen so far this year, we came up with our own list of the themes and styles we’re sure we’ll see more of as we approach the most popular season for weddings.

  1. Personal touches—everywhere. These days, it’s not enough to slap your name on a wedding invitation or monogram your initials on an aisle runner and call that “personal.” Now couples are incorporating their personalities into every detail of the ceremony and reception—from serving your favorite dishes (or a meal that honors your heritage) to crafting centerpieces that speak to the hobbies you and your beloved share. It’s your day to tell your love story, and what better way to celebrate this new chapter than by making it wholly yours?
  2. Pops of color. Whether it’s a calm, muted palette or something more vibrant, twosomes are adding dashes of color to set the mood of their wedding. Are you looking to have a relaxed and romantic atmosphere? Lean towards softer hues with a neutral shade for balance. Want to have a little more fun with your big day? Jewel tones and brighter colors will take your wedding décor to that next level.
  3. Cinematographic masterpieces. Couples are paying more for videographers to capture their big day, from getting dressed for the ceremony to waving goodbye to their adoring guests. But instead of full-length feature films, they’re opting for highlights; the videographer stays for the entire wedding so they can truly get the feel of the ceremony and the reception to create a video full of all the best moments. Guests are also getting more involved with videos, often crafting recorded messages that the wedded duo can enjoy for years to come.
  4. Formal affairs. Rather than letting guests roam around and enjoy free-range buffets, couples are increasingly embracing sit-down receptions with plated meals for a more formal (and intimate) environment. This setup will allow aunts, uncles, cousins and friends to mingle while eating since they don’t have to get up to grab some goodies.
  5. Interactive guest books. This is one trend you’ve probably seen a handful of times in more recent years: photo booths and video messages from guests to the happy newlyweds. Guest books are getting scrapped for these more interactive ways to wish the couple a happily ever after—and it’s just a bonus that guests get a silly keepsake in the form of some photo strips once the festivities end. Toss in some props and signs for extra personalization.
  6. Hired help. Weddings shouldn’t be stressful, right? That’s what modern brides think, and they’re paying for wedding services—like planners and day-of coordinators—so that their big day doesn’t feel overwhelming and impossible to plan. Thumbtack found that couples are seeking help with the overall wedding design and coordinating with vendors, plus overseeing the ceremony and reception on the wedding day.
  7. Green spaces and “petal” pushing. Flowers are growing in popularity, with brides decorating every surface in pretty petals. Couples are even getting more creative with the décor, requesting complete structures crafted out of nature’s elements—from logs and tree limbs made into seating to seasonal flowers serving as the ceremony arch. Expect even more lavish arrangements as we melt into fall, the season of rich color pairings and bountiful textures.
  8. Towering desserts. The wedding cake isn’t going anywhere—in fact, it’s only getting bigger. This year’s newlyweds favor the flavor of taller desserts, towering up to three or more tiers. (We’re curious what leftovers look like.) In addition to these cakes, other sweet treats are marking the end of the festivities, including cupcakes, pies, ice cream and donuts. (SEE ALSO: nature-inspired wedding cakes.)
  9. Bolder brides. While natural makeup is still the go-to look for the wedding, more brides are opting for glamorous styles compared to recent years. But what does glam really mean? Think smoky eyes, false lashes, airbrushed makeup, bold lip colors…you get the picture.
  10. Outdoor celebrations. It’s no secret we consider living in the Lone Star State a great stroke of luck, and when it comes to getting married, we’re even luckier. Wedding trends are leaning toward outdoor venues, letting couples get married in wide-open spaces or beneath a canopy of trees—and in Texas, we have plenty of natural settings to choose from. From golf courses to loblolly pine forests, our little slice of paradise is the perfect place for a beautiful wedding under the Texas sky.

These trends are big for a reason, but at the end of the day, remember that it’s your celebration and it should look how you want it to. Whether you choose to DIY your centerpieces or let Spot walk you down the aisle, your wedding day should reflect who you are as a couple—and that’s a trend we can definitely get behind.

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