• 42 Must-Haves for the Wedding Bathroom Basket

    42 Must-Haves for the Wedding Bathroom Basket

    Your guests will be forever grateful.


In the midst of all the excitement surrounding your big day, your guests may overlook or simply forget a few just-in-case essentials. The good news is you can come to their rescue by providing a trusty bathroom basket filled with toiletries that meet their each and every potential need. Whether baskets live in restrooms throughout the venue or are festively festooned for display at the ceremony or reception, this mobile bin of must-haves will ensure your guests look and feel their best throughout your celebration.

First Aid

  1. Band-Aids offer protection and relief from blisters, scratches or cuts. Throw in a tube of Neosporin for additional relief.
  2. For anyone hit with a headache, an ample supply of aspirin and ibuprofen can be a saving grace (individually packaged options are best).
  3. Eye drops help guests do away with photo- and tear-induced redness and can also help hydrate dry, tired eyes for those short on sleep.
  4. Stock up on antacids to prevent stomach pains or indigestion causing premature party departures.


  1. For a quick hand-cleaning solution, a few pumps of magic soap (aka hand sanitizer) are all you need.
  2. Keep everyone’s breath fresh and smiles spic-and-span with a menagerie of dental products (e.g., floss picks, toothpicks, gum, individually wrapped breath mints, miniature mouth washes).
  3. Spray deodorant, perfume and cologne are not only welcome during warm-weather celebrations, they’re also much appreciated by guests who enjoy working up a sweat on the dance floor at any wedding, any time of year.
  4. For those unexpected emergencies, feminine hygiene products are a lifesaver.
  5. Guests getting their party on may take a break to primp, in which case hair products—hairspray, hair bands, bobby pins, brushes and combs—provide ways to sustain hairstyles and keep frizzies at bay.
  6. Blotting sheets and makeup remover make it easy to save face.
  7. Have a lint roller on hand for guests to remove dirt and dust (and maybe even fur from pets involved in the festivities).
  8. From emotional toasts to the unexpected sniffles, tissues are always worth keeping within reach.
  9. Sudden spills are no big deal in the presence of stain removers and bleach sticks.
  10. In the event of missing buttons or broken zippers, safety pins can save the day—and double-sided tape can do away with wardrobe malfunctions.
  11. Throw in wet wipes to manage sticky hands.
  12. A small sewing kit with scissors is yet another way to repair any wear and tear.
  13. Include air freshener in both the ladies’ and men’s rooms to keep the space smelling sweet.

Outdoor Reception (Summer)

  1. Bug spray wards off wedding crashers like mosquitoes.
  2. For your fair-skinned friends, don’t forget the sunscreen. Also, consider including a little after-sun and aloe vera to soothe skin for those guests already feeling the burn.
  3. Keep flip-flops and sandals on deck for attendees who have given up on their heels.
  4. Consider stocking sunglasses to help shield guests’ eyes from the sun. (Bonus: Get creative with the design and make custom shades to serve as a keepsake.)

Outdoor Reception (Winter)

  1. Provide scarves, shawls and blankets so folks can keep warm and toasty.
  2. Sore or scratchy throats and coughs are more prevalent during cooler months, so it’s wise to keep cough drops on hand for comfort.
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